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Tokyo Blade

Vocals: Alan Marsh
Guitars: Andy Boulton & John Wiggins
Bass: Andy Robbins
Drums: Steve Pierce
The above lineup was taken from the back of a Spanish Tokyo Blade LP I have. As my Spanish is pretty nonexistent I may very well have translated this all wrong! Please let me know if it is incorrect in any way and I will correct it!!

This was one of Andy Robbins' previous two bands, both of which I know almost nothing about! The other band was Shogun.
Tokyo Blade had an album out in 1984 called "Midnight Rendezvous" which featured Andy on it (check out the picture on the back of the album!) Andy also featured on the Shogun single "Voices From The Heart".

Thanks to Daiv for supplying the following information:
The album Midnight Rendezvous is an edited version of the UK album, which was self titled over here (UK). A single was released from this called Powergame. He also played on the demos when they were called Killer. Shogun history is a bit muddled, but I think Andy Robbins played on their self titled first album, as well as a single, a cover version of Amen Corners 'High In The Sky'.

1984 "Midnight Rendevous" - album
Track Listing:
Midnight Rendezvous
Break The Chains
If Heaven Is Hell
Mean Streak
Power Game
Highway Passion
Killer City
Sunrise In Tokyo
Track listing taken from US promo LP

1984 Untitled Spanish Release LP
Track Listing:
Break The Chains
If Heaven Is Hell
On Through The Night
Killer City
Death On Main Street
Sunrise In Tokyo
Tracks 1,3,4,8 written by Boulton/Marsh. Track 2 written by Boulton/Marsh/WIggins
The other tracks have no writing credits!


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