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This is a page by you, Skin's fans! All contributions welcome! Your thoughts on Skin, the tour, Download, how you got into the band, any memories of the band!! Whether it's 1 word, 1 line, 1 paragraph or a full page, I want it! Just click here to contact me!

Thanks to Lianne for starting the ball rolling!

I was a fan of Skin in the 90's and was so psyched that they were reforming back in 2009. It made my weekend at Download that year. I was then ecstatic that they were playing again the following year. The band rocked Download on both occasions. I could not believe how awesome the band sounded in 09. They had very little time to rehearse, but they blew me away. Nev has such a strong voice and he's still hitting those notes just like back in the 90's. You would never have guessed they hadn't played together for 11 years they were so tight.
Skin are an awesome live band they sound just like their albums proving they aren't a studio produced band.They look like they are enjoying themselves when on stage and it feeds back to the crowd and gets them going.
I've seen the band 11 times and have never been disappointed. They have stood the test of time and proved they still rock!!
I'm so privileged to have met them and to find out first hand they are absolute stars on and off stage.
They shine like diamonds!!

I can't remember how exactly I got into Skin, I was at the Monsters of Rock festival in 1994 & caught the last couple of songs by a band, I had no idea who they were but I liked what I heard - plus they were all sooo cute! It must have been a couple of months later when "Look But Don't Touch" was played down my local Rock club, I have to say I was hooked from that moment on.
For some reason I never got to see them play live and was so devastated when I found out they had split, especially because most of my friends had seen them and told me how Amazing they were Live.
Many years later a friend told me that Nev & Myke were playing an acoustic set at the Ponty Muni & asked if I wanted to come along. (stupid question!) the guys were Awesome, I have never looked back after that and will go to as many gigs as possible You Will NEVER see a better live band & you will never be disappointed, even on the Farewell tour when the boys had flu they still Rocked & the Fans love them! I felt so sorry for Nev that I bought him some really horrible Throat Syrup to help with the vocals and gave it to him at the Birmingham gig, you will never meet a nicer bunch of Guys , they really appreciate their Fans and I have been so lucky to have met them and to have seen them play live.
Please please do some more shows in the future. :)

It's always nice to meet your childhood heroes and realise they're really great people. I had the privilege of meeting "Mr. Bronson" from the TV show "Grange Hill", and, despite the character he played, he was a really nice chap, friendly and eager to talk about his craft as an actor.
SKIN were no exception. I've had the opportunity of meeting the band on a couple of occasions, and unlike the stereotypical rock stars, Nev, Mike, Andy, Dicki and Colin were really great! Eager to talk about their music and rock music in general, they were completely down to earth and just as I was in awe of meeting the guys responsible for the soundtrack of my life, they seemed equally amazed by the fact that their music had played such an important part in people's lives.
So... how did I get into SKIN? It's a bit of a strange one - I saw the picture disc of "Look but don't touch" in my local record store (an independent store where you would actually hang out and discover new music). On the front was a silhouette of Myke holding the distinctive shape of a Les Paul over his head that just screamed "ROCK!" I asked the shop owner to put the record on for me and before Nev had sung the words: "She got up, and walked by..." I had handed over the money to buy the record. It is now my most prized possession.
SKIN are my absolute favourite band, and when they were touring the first time I saw them on every tour.
In 2009, I saw a poster advertising SKIN at the Wolverhampton civic hall. Instantly I assumed it was a solo tour by the former Skunk Anansi singer, so much was my doubt that the guys would ever play again. Curiosity got the better of me though, and I looked the gig up only to find it was the guys again, warming up for the Download festival of that year.
Standing in the crowd that night, it was as if they had never been away (well, perhaps Myke, Nev and Dicki had been to the hairdressers!). Absolutely awesome!
Since the reformation I've not missed a single tour, and live in hope that in a couple of years SKIN will be back once more... but in the meantime, Thank you for giving me a chance once again!