Myke Interview

Interview by me at a Masterclass with Bruce Kulick at the Guildford Academy of Contemporary Music, June 16th 1996

Tell us an exclusive story, just for the fan club!!
Well, after one of the Spanish shows, there was a night-club and all the bands went down and jammed there afterwards, and we got up and played about four or five songs and then drunk more and more, 'coz there was all these bottles of champagne and all these bottles of whiskey and eventually Nev was... the funniest thing I ever saw was Nev crawling across the stage literally on his hands and knees and working his way up this microphone to sing!! I'll never forget that as long as I live!! I remember just standing there with my guitar watching this person crawl past me to the mike. That was... that was good fun!!! And Helloween jammed, we jammed with Helloween and all the bands swapped over. It was good.

How did you enjoy this masterclass?
Well it was alright. I didn't know what to expect to be honest with you. Bruce (Dickinson from b.l.o.w.) just called me up and said do you wanna come and play and I was like, oh, alright, I don't really know what to do or say or anything but it was okay, it was fun!!!

Would you do it again?
Yeah, I'm going to do it again in a couple of days or about a weeks time with Mark Yates from Terrorvision. The opportunity to hang out with Mark and get drunk with Mark is one I never ignore!!! I think it's just like a big jam and everything so it sounds good to me!!!

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