Bruce Dickinson Band

I should mention the Bruce Dickinson band briefly in this as both Jagged Edge drummer Fabio Del Rio and SKIN drummer Dicki Fliszar played for Bruce: Fabio on the album "Tattooed Millionaire" and Dicki on tour. Dicki can also be seen in the video for "All The Young Dudes" and the live video "Dive! Dive! Live!". The live video features an awesome drum solo by Dicki so if you haven't got the video and ever get the chance, watch it!
SKIN were also involved in Bruce's second solo album "Balls To Picasso" - Dicki is credited on the album with playing drums on "Tears Of The Dragon" (albeit with an incorrect spelling of his name as Dicki!) What the credits fail to mention is that apparently that song was also co-written by none other than Myke Gray!
The story is as follows (thanks for Jamie for the following info!):
Myke was doing session work with Bruce Dickinson at the time and was in the studio with him. He was working on "Tears of the Dragon" and Myke came up with the long bit of it on the Full version of it that is available on the CD1 of "Shoot All The Clowns". Myke then asked Bruce for a credit on the song and was told that he couldn't as he was getting paid for being a session worker and that covered anything like that. Now Myke told me he wasn't to bothered about it (though I should think he was at the time) as the money he got for working with Bruce was what he used to get Skin going . Also the scrapped album that was done before "Balls to Picasso" was co-written by Myke - not just the "Tears of the Dragon" song. This got Jamie wondering about it so when he sent Myke an e-mail and mentioned that. When he got back to Jamie he did confirm that he'd co-written all the scrapped album, but as only Tears got used on the other album that's all he had told him about before. But all the scrapped album was made available as b-sides to "Tears of the Dragon" and "Shoot all the Clowns" singles.