Matti Alfonzetti

Matti Alfonzetti (Red White & Blues/Jagged Edge singer). His new album "Here Comes The Night" is an absolutely fantastic CD - I recommend it to everyone! Also highly recommend the "Ready" album.

2011 "Here Comes The Night" - album

Track listing:
Losing You
Here Comes The Night
I'll Wait For You
Don't Listen To You Heart
Why Can't You Love Me
Lay Your Love On Me
Rock n Roll Heart
Set Me Free
I Will Never Let You Fall

All tracks written by Matti Alfonzetti except track 9 by Flores/Alfonzetti
Bass guitar, lead & rhythm guitars, lead & backing vocals - Matti Alfonzetti
Drums, keyboards - Daniel Flores
Additional Lead guitars - Marcus Jidell & Emil Fredholm

2000 "Ready" - album

Track Listing:
Blowing Up Detroit   (Palumbo)
Better Than Goodbye   (Walker/Peterik)
I'm Ready   (Bergström/Alfonzetti)
Angel   (Dowling-Alfonzetti/Alfonzetti)
Blue Hero   (Påhlsson/Nerge)
Out In The Cold   (Gray/Alfonzetti)
No Way Out   (Bergström/Alfonzetti)
Am I Fooling Myself?   (Sanford/Britten/Hill)
Let Me In   (Morales)
Don't Let Our Love Go Down   (Borger)
In The Groove   (Bergström/Alfonzetti)
Things That Make You Cry   (Bergström/Alfonzetti)

Vocals, Keyboard: Matti Alfonzetti
Drums, Percussion: Jamie Borge
Bass, Backing Vocals: Björn "Nalle" Paåhlsson
Guitars: Stefan Bergström
Guitars: Göran Elmquist

2002 "Machine" - album (all songs by Alfonzetti/Bergström)

Track listing:
It Speaks
My Machine
Welcome To My Mind
Barbie Doll
Live In Sin
A Happy Guy
Boss Of Me
Give It All Away
The Bitter End
In The Groove (bonus live track)

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards & Drum programming: Matti Alfonzetti
Bass: Mikael Höglund
Guitars: Stefan Bergström

2007 "Road To Ruin" - album featuring Matti, Lars Chriss (Lion's Share), Sampo Axelsson (Glenn Hughes) and Thomas Broman (Electric Boys)

Track listing:
The Only One
Pale Rider
Face Of An Angel
Pleasure And Pain
For Your Soul
Walk The Line
Thorn In My Side
Until I See The Sun
Wheels Of The World

All songs written by Alfonzetti/Chriss/Axelsson
Vocals: Matti Alfonzetti
Bass, keyboards: Sampo Axelsson
Guitars: Lars Chriss
Drums: Thoams Broman
Additional keyboards: Lars Pollack