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  1. Skin frontman and friend of the show Neville MacDonald will be special guest on the GTFM Rockshow this Thursday (10th May) from 9-11pm on GTFM 107.9 or www.gtfm.co.uk.
    He'll be talking about the forthcoming Steelhouse gig and his future plans.

    The show is repeated again on Friday 9-11pm on BCFM 93.2 in Bristol www.bcfm.org.uk

    Questions to Nev at [email protected]

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  2. great website dedicated to one of the most awesome bands i've seen live. i've only seem them live twice, both at the download festival (09 and 010) and i'll be lookin forward to seein them again at the end of the year - shame thats goanna be the end but i'm sure their goanna go out with a bang x

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  3. Really cool site Joe !!

    I've had a look at your photos from Saturday night & they're really good !!

    Love from Sue

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  4. Fantastic to see dedication to such wonderful people that are Skin. Its been along time, eleven years.
    Welcome back guys. We missed you, you have always been right here in our hearts. From Bristol with love.

    ps. the sight is great mate. keep up the great work.

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  5. This is a fab website with lots of interesting info & pics about Skin. Well done Joe!

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  6. Nice to see the new site up and running and of course the return of Skin. :)

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